2017 trends I’m keeping in 2018

2017 was hell crazy year which entered in history. There was the best 365 days for music industry, let’s all agree that last year was so many great hits from Lorde to Camila Cabello. Not only music was popping, on top of that there was the most insane fashion and beauty trends which made people go crazy. Feather eyebrows (which I loved) went to curly eyebrows?! Wait whattt was that?!! People was obsessed with gucci and their sneakers and t shirts. In 2017 we brung so many iconic fashion pieces which I want to keep for years and years..

<VELVET> There was such a big trend (and still as I see in shops ) to make clothes or shoes from velvet and I’m saying big yes to them. I love how it looks and it can spice up your outfit. Myself I don’t own many things from velvet but I have these incredible blue velvet sneakers from Deichmann which I’m adore and want to keep for a long time.

<BLAZERS> as my mom says fashion is like circle, everything goes and come back in periods. Now it’s time for many kinds of blazers. It’s so weird to hear the stories from my mom how she was rockin’ blazers at so many events even at weddings. I hadn’t a chance to buy it myself yet but it’s on my list, I’m hoping that it will be in my hands next week. I already found the perfect one in Bershka.

(The left one is on my wishlist)

<BOMBER JACKETS> I always adored them and they were huge trend last and even previous year. I think it is a statement piece in the outfit and I love them in bright colors. Definitely keeping in 2018!

<TAILORED TROUSERS> This is something what have been missing from my changed style for so long. I always wanted to try them but was convinced myself that they don’t suit me. And yell yes I was wrong, it fits so good and it feels very comfortable that skinny jeans. Already I have one black pair from my moms closet and I WANT MORE! I’m saying yes this year to all different kinds of trousers that skinny fitted.

//all these photos are taken from Bershka’s online shop//




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