First ‘HI’ in 2018

Happy new year everyone! It’s crazy even type 2018, last year went so bloody fast I didn’t even noticed. I wish everybody an amazing year with so many good memories!

As much as I love xmas, new year always been special to me. I like the idea of the fresh start, new opportunities to make and goals to create. Let’s be honest that it’s harder to start do something new in middle of the year. I never was good at making goals (well may at finishing them) but this year I created them very unusual to me. I always loved reading but in past few years I didn’t find or rather spent my free time on phone or laptop, so first one is to read about 50 books which is more serious than books about makeup ect. At the moment my hands are on F. Scott Fitzgerald “Great Gatsby” which I have never read before. I want to track books I read list so I could share it with you in the end of the year and it would more like motivation to me keep on track. Secondly I want to learn a little bit of spanish cause this language is ameeeizing and I always wanted to do it. I already started to do this on Duolingo and it’s going pretty well. Hoping that by the end of the year I’ll be able to say and understand some sentences. Lastly I want to start posting here more than one post per week, which I’m hoping won’t be very challenging. Ohh have in mind that this is the year I’m turning eighteen so I should start learning for my driving test but it’s not very goalish material, more like work in progress. And that’s kinda it, well not mentioning that I must start as the doctor said working out for my mental heath but we all know that this thing start and last often in less than month.

I want to wish you the best year and remind you that the best things we create ourselves, it depends from us and how we react to problems. As weird as it sounds it’s the dogs year so we should be more positive as they are to succeed this year. Stay positive and don’t forget to smile 🙂

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